8 Steps To A Successful Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a room can be exciting- it’s a chance to take something and make it new. However, there is a systematic process for remodeling your bathroom. Here’s what you need to know about the process:

    1. What are you wanting to change and accomplish? What purpose will the bathroom serve; a bathroom for your child, or you and your spouse? A powder room? Make sure you have a clear answer to this before you start remodeling. Also, be sure to ask yourself how many people will be using it, how much time you spend in the bathroom, how much space you need, how long you’ll live in the house, and the effort you’ll truly want to put into cleaning it. Why are you remodeling? If it’s for a better resale value, then be sure to do a little bit of research beforehand on what buyers look for in your area and in general. If it’s for updating the appearance, then be sure and pay attention to materials, fixtures, cabinetry, paint, etc. to freshen up your bathroom. If you’re remodeling for better storage and functionality, then check out some organizational vanities, shelving, and cabinetry you could use, and also be prepared to possibly spend a bit of money.
    2. Plan, do your research, and set a budget. There are varying levels of upgrades and remodels in terms of their extensiveness and price. Remember that sometimes even if you spend a lot of money on a renovation, this doesn’t always mean you’ll earn as much back when you sell your house. Also remember to keep in mind any unforeseen costs that may appear. Research the materials you plan on using: their pros and cons, price points, varieties, and aesthetics. Plan out all of the features you want to change, and how they would all look together.

  1. Find a good contractor if it’s a more intensive renovation. If you’re planning on renovating something yourself but have any doubt in your mind about it, don’t do it! You may have to sink in extra money just to fix your mistakes. Before you hire a contractor, research and listen to word of mouth. The contractor that you hire may see things that you don’t as well- a better way to fit everything in your layout design, etc. For major structural changes, you might need to hire an architect.
  2. Approve the design for layouts, floorplans, etc. You don’t have to have every detail planned out yet, like decorations. However, you do need to have the measurements planned out for the bathroom components such as the vanity and shower. From there, you’ll know exactly how much material you need to order.
  3. Choose your colors, materials, hardware, etc.
  4. Get three separate estimates from contractors. Sometimes they vary greatly, but be weary of both the seemingly too cheap and seemingly too expensive ones.
  5. Plan the details out. Where are you going to store the materials until you install them? When would you feel most comfortable for the contractor/s to be working? How will this affect you? Will you still be able to use that bathroom, or use a different one?
  6. Once it’s completed, look for mistakes. Keep your receipts. Go through and check for malfunctioning cabinetry, dents, etc. and contact your contractor if you find this.

Resource: Ace Bathrooms Jacksonville

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Picking a good carpet cleaning company may seem like an easy task but after years in the industry and many conversations with customer I have come to the realization that it’s not an easy process. Customers I have dealt with are looking for an honest carpet cleaning company that provides a great service at a good price. Unfortunately this is difficult to find because the carpet cleaning industry is riddled with poor service, high pressure salesmen and companies that provide less than satisfactory technicians. The carpet & upholstery cleaning industry is one of the easiest industries to get into.

Ease Of Starting a Business

Barriers to entry are no more than a machine for some companies. Since it’s so easy to get into the business cities like Humble, Texas may have hundreds of companies that will provide their carpet cleaning service. Carpet cleaning is also an industry in Texas, doesn’t have any state required certifications. What this means for you is that you really have no clue if the contractor you are hiring is qualified or will provide the quality service you want. This industry also has many companies or individual that use sales, tricks, and scams with no regard for the satisfaction of the customer. From my years of being in the industry you should understand and know some basic things about the industry these items will help you find the best Carpet Cleaning Humble Texas.

If an advertised price sounds too good to be true, IT IS

The first thing you should know is that if an advertised price sounds too good to be true, IT IS your intuition is right. All service business have cost before they even get to the customers door. If the company you are calling is advertising a price for a whole house cleaning for 40 dollars you need to think to yourself would I get into a vehicle, drive to a customer’s home, work for many hours to clean the carpet, provide insurance, equipment, solutions and guarantees to that customer. This type of pricing system is called bait and switch meaning you advertise a cheap rate only to change the price when the technician arrives. This is only a tactic to get the technician in the door in hopes you will pay the fee that is many time 3, 5, 7 times the original price quoted. I have unfortunately had many customers call me after they have dealt with one of these cleaners. I have often herd things like the guy wouldn’t leave my house, or he cleaned the home and gave me a bill that was 5 times higher plus it doesn’t look clean, or he never showed up after I took the day of work. These types of comments are typical and I recommend looking for carpet cleaning companies in Humble, Texas that do the following.

What To Look For

1) Look for a company that advertises their prices online without having to fill out an inquiry a company that shows you their prices online for all basic service and a guaranteed price.

2) Ask the company about their cleaning process is it a steam cleaner, bonnet/chemical cleaner or a hybrid method that reduces all downfalls of traditional methods like the one koserve developed.

3) Ask to talk to someone in charge does the person you are talking to know who will do your carpet cleaning.

4) Read reviews and ask around. Check out some reviews

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Tips For Setting Up a Home Office For Your Online Business

The dot-com era has ushered in a fair number of techno-preneurs who made it big, and for every success story, there are also many other untold tales of failures. Running a business is challenging and rewarding at the same time, but regardless of the platform, the basic principles remain the same. If you are about to make that big leap into the world of online business, then there are certain pointers that you ought to take note of.


  1. Write a list of home office needs

Figure out what are the items that you need before the next billion dollar start up’s history is written in your home. You are obviously transporting office tools of the trade back home, forgoing some of the perks that a regular office might carry. To get you started, some of the essentials would be a computer, a printer, a separate phone line for business calls alone, and a workspace that does not overlap with everyday life.


  1. Pick out a dedicated workspace

When you have whittled down the list of home office needs, then you can determine the amount of space you require in order to work effectively. It is best that you find a quiet spot that is also private enough to carry out your work uninterrupted. The bedroom is not recommended since that should be where you relax and recharge. Unless natural lighting is not readily available, only go ahead and install access lighting when there is no other alternative.


  1. Maintain discipline with proper office hours

Most people would gush at the amount of freedom that you have working from home, but a rule of thumb would be to establish proper office hours. It pays dividends to list down your “To Do” items beforehand. In addition, it also exudes a sense of professionalism to your potential customers and existing clients. Apart from that, established office hours lets you draw the boundaries between social and professional interactions, while minimizing the amount of interruption from family members who live under the same roof. Affixing a clock that is easily viewed is essential since it functions as a reminder for you not to overwork.

  1. Be efficient with your filing

Always maintain a careful balance of workspace and storage. Being well organized would mean having as little paperwork involved as possible, digitizing everything so that you will have an uncluttered workspace. Alternatively, if paper files are a necessity, why not stash them in a separate room instead? The desk of a person often reflects your state of mind, and you would like to present a professional front to your customers and clients.


  1. Draw your boundaries

Be disciplined in knowing how to separate the personal from the professional. Once the office for your online business is right next door or upstairs, it can be very tempting to retreat there whenever you need some space for yourself or a timeout from a heated conversation. Always take the relevant precaution not to cross the line as it might end up being a difficult habit to break.


Hopefully, all of the basic tips listed here will be able to help you launch the home office for your online business successfully.







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Current Presidential Election – Important Factors Involved In


In the United States, the presidential election, including the president and vice president, is an indirect election formally. This basically consists residents of the United States who are enrolled to vote in one of the fifty states or Washington, D.C. In advanced times, all voters are promised to a specific presidential applicant and in this way the consequences of the race can be resolved in view of the state-by-state prevalent vote. In that case, the electoral college is known as voters. Every state gives a role as numerous electoral votes, as the aggregate number of Senators and Representatives the state has. The applicant who gets a flat out larger part of appointive votes in favor of President or Vice President is then chosen to that office. On the off chance that no competitor gets a flat out greater part for President, the House of Representatives picks the President; if no candidate gets an absolute share for Vice President, then the Senate picks the Vice President.

A National Platform is the official proclamation of a political party’s position on a wide assortment of issues. Every issue incorporated into the stage is a “plank.” Party stages and their boards are essential to the electoral procedure: They give the competitors an unmistakable political position with which they can battle. They give voters a feeling of what the applicants have faith in, the issues they believe are vital, and how (if choose) they will address them. Both of the country’s major political parties make stages ahead of time of national decisions so voters have an unmistakable perspective on the motivation the party will seek after if its individuals are chosen to officiate. Similar things are happening in the current elections.

The presidential debates are very major part of the whole procedure. The focal center of a debate ought to be to give voters’ data they have to quantify the reasonableness of the candidates for office. The Commission on Presidential Debates was built up in 1987 by the Democratic and Republican Parties and has supported all presidential and bad habit presidential general decision banters since 1988. The moderator asks several questions during the debate that are impartial for the every candidate.

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) will support the level headed discussions this fall. The arrangements for the hour and a half open deliberations are intended to encourage inside and out talk of the main issues confronting the country. There are four debates that have taken place during the current elections, which are given below:

First presidential debate
(September 26, 2016, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY)

Vice presidential debate
(October 4, 2016, Longwood University, Farmville, VA)

Second presidential debate
(October 9, 2016, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO)

Third presidential debate
(October 19, 2016, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV)

All level headed debates will be directed by a solitary individual and will run from 9:00-10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time without business breaks). As usual, the mediators alone will choose the inquiries to be asked, which are not known to the CPD or to the applicants.

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Businesses Helping Communities

Our job here at Sinai Times is to report the news. Often times what makes the most news are things that are not always the most uplifting of stories. With all the crazy things happening in the world, such as wars being fought, the presidential election getting started, and all the reports about violence in the streets, we feel it is our duty to also bring lighter but no less newsworthy stories to the public. So here at Sinai Times when we have the chance to showcase a story that shows positivity within a community we want you to know about it. This month’s featured story comes to us all the way from Hawaii.


Joe, a successful local business owner that does carpet cleaning on Oahu, loves to spend his spare time giving back to the island he loves and calls home and to the less fortunate people on it. Joe started a business called Carpet Cleaners Hawaii a few years back. Over time his business has grown and become very lucrative for him. He made the decision to share his success by helping people in need.  Joe says, “it has always beed a passion of mine to help people. Ever since I was a young boy, I would find joy in giving to others and making my neighborhood a better place. As I grew older this feeling of wanting to help others never went away, it’s just that for awhile, I really couldn’t afford to do much. Now that I have a successful business I can finally find the time to do what I love.”

That phrase is shown to be true in many ways. Joe volunteers at many shelters by helping with day to day tasks that keeps those doors opens for families in need. He also has gotten his company involved in many local events and charities. Carpet Cleaners Hawaii is part of an adopt a highway program that helps to keep the streets clean and the island looking beutiful. So basically when they are not cleaning homes, they are still cleaning. The company and it’s employees also hold annual food drives to feed the homeless as well as sponsor car washes to support local school programs. I was able to speak to some of the employees to find out what they thought about all the charity work they do. They all had very positive things to say. One of Joe’s employees said,”I love what we do. I never knew how rewarding it can be to help others.” Another employee said,” It’s great! Doing what we do brings me a lot of pride and joy. It also helps us bond together at work. It’s like we are more of a family than just coworkers.”

The local communities also feel the same. They look to the folks at Carpet Cleaners Hawaii as a source of inspiration for others and are very apprectiative of the work they do. News has spread of their efforts and it is paying off in many good ways. Other local businesses have started to get involved either by volunteering themselves or by donating to local charities. This has made Joe somewhat of a local celebrity and has definitely increased his carpet cleaning business. However, Joe vows to not let his new found fame get to his head. He said he will keep doing what he does because he loves it and it’s the right thing to do. If you want to learn more about joe and his business you can find his contact info below.

Carpet Cleaners Hawaii

95-390 Kuahelani Ave. Unit #5019

Mililani, HI 96789

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What are the Reliable Alternative Sources for International News?

The news is a most powerful way to acquire all the information of the entire world. Even you can come to know about what happened in the society or even the world without leaving your comfort space. Collecting the news information considers as a good habit and several people are always eager to know about the world news, so there are ample of news sources are accessible. If you are also always active to know about the news, then you are at a right place. We have something for you that can add more excitement in your life. Yes, you heard right because today I am going to discuss some of the most reliable alternative sources for international news.

Sources for International News

Radio: Radio is the most frequently used and cheap source that is used to listen to the national and international news as well. It serves its services from the several years ago to keep you update with the latest news. Even till now people are utilizing this amazing source to listen the news. There is several news shows are running on the radio on a different time. So, you can hear it without any hassle. Not only news, but you can also listen songs as well on the radio.cnn-london-production

TV (Television): Today, TV is one of the most crucial needs of every house. Almost every house has a television in their house, so you can easily get the entire news information from there. Many news channels provide only news to help you to up to date with the news such as BBC World News, New York Times and so on. Some news channels are also provided interviews with experts. It is little expensive than radio because you can not only listen even you can watch the news on the TV. It gives you a unique experience of news.

Newspaper: Another source of getting news is a newspaper. It is the most successful news source that also helps you to keep informed about the world news. Some of the international newspapers are Tribune, Hindustan times and much more. The newspaper is also a very reliable source of news. Even the most amazing that newspaper distributor will give you the paper in your hand on the regular basis. All you just need to do pick your phone and dial their number and tell them about your requirements and they will regularly provide the newspaper after paying a little money to them.

Online Resources: online resources are the latest way to get the world news. There are many online resources are available that provide the news for you. Today, several people are attracting towards this source to acquire the news information. You can find a number of websites over there that help you make you well informed with the news.

All above-mentioned news resources are very reliable and perfect sources to get informed with the news. No matter, you want to get crime news, cricket news, business news, sports news, weather news, etc. you can easily acquire all the information about the entire world.

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