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Our job here at Sinai Times is to report the news. Often times what makes the most news are things that are not always the most uplifting of stories. With all the crazy things happening in the world, such as wars being fought, the presidential election getting started, and all the reports about violence in the streets, we feel it is our duty to also bring lighter but no less newsworthy stories to the public. So here at Sinai Times when we have the chance to showcase a story that shows positivity within a community we want you to know about it. This month’s featured story comes to us all the way from Hawaii.


Joe, a successful local business owner that does carpet cleaning on Oahu, loves to spend his spare time giving back to the island he loves and calls home and to the less fortunate people on it. Joe started a business called Carpet Cleaners Hawaii a few years back. Over time his business has grown and become very lucrative for him. He made the decision to share his success by helping people in need.  Joe says, “it has always beed a passion of mine to help people. Ever since I was a young boy, I would find joy in giving to others and making my neighborhood a better place. As I grew older this feeling of wanting to help others never went away, it’s just that for awhile, I really couldn’t afford to do much. Now that I have a successful business I can finally find the time to do what I love.”

That phrase is shown to be true in many ways. Joe volunteers at many shelters by helping with day to day tasks that keeps those doors opens for families in need. He also has gotten his company involved in many local events and charities. Carpet Cleaners Hawaii is part of an adopt a highway program that helps to keep the streets clean and the island looking beutiful. So basically when they are not cleaning homes, they are still cleaning. The company and it’s employees also hold annual food drives to feed the homeless as well as sponsor car washes to support local school programs. I was able to speak to some of the employees to find out what they thought about all the charity work they do. They all had very positive things to say. One of Joe’s employees said,”I love what we do. I never knew how rewarding it can be to help others.” Another employee said,” It’s great! Doing what we do brings me a lot of pride and joy. It also helps us bond together at work. It’s like we are more of a family than just coworkers.”

The local communities also feel the same. They look to the folks at Carpet Cleaners Hawaii as a source of inspiration for others and are very apprectiative of the work they do. News has spread of their efforts and it is paying off in many good ways. Other local businesses have started to get involved either by volunteering themselves or by donating to local charities. This has made Joe somewhat of a local celebrity and has definitely increased his carpet cleaning business. However, Joe vows to not let his new found fame get to his head. He said he will keep doing what he does because he loves it and it’s the right thing to do. If you want to learn more about joe and his business you can find his contact info below.

Carpet Cleaners Hawaii

95-390 Kuahelani Ave. Unit #5019

Mililani, HI 96789

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